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The Betta Fish, (betta splendens) is a very colorful fish, undepreived of different shades of the rainbow. It is found at most pet stores, and originates from the rice patties, and floodplains of Thailand. There is a significant behavioral difference between the male and female fish. The males are solitary fish, and must not be kept with any other type of fish. The female can be kept with tropical fish, that do not look like bettas (for example, they can not be kept with some platys, angelfish, or gouramis. They are also incompatible with tiger barbs, and other fin-nippers.

family: gouramis

origin: Thailand

size: 2-3 inches

pH: 7.0-7.5

tank requirements: 2.5 gallons

temperature: 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit

rarity: common

Difficulty: easy

*The betta is sometimes mistreated and not given a heater or filter. Don’t fall into this trend. Being a tropical fish, the betta requires a heater and filter. Also, keep in mind, a bowl is unacceptable, and a tank of at least 2.5 gallons is required for the betta fish.

Fish Conflict: The male betta is not compatible with any fish, whatsoever, and can not be put in a tank with them. Female bettas can be kept with peaceful fish, but beware, female bettas can be very weak, and easily picked on. As a recap, the female betta and male betta are drastically different, the female being timid, and the male being fierce.

The betta, though hard to consider for a tank (due to incompatibility) is a very beautiful fish, and if not mistreated can reach a large size (for a fish compatible in such a small tank), and have very beautifull features, perfect for anyone to enjoy!


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