Bala Shark


The bala shark (Balantiocheilus melanopterus) is a large fish, that is kept in a moderately large, freshwater tank. It has a black, and grey coloring, and are less common than other fishes, but can still be found at chain pet stores. Just noting, this fish is not a labyrinth fish. This fish, as stated before, is not recommended for a small Aquariam, due to is possibility of reaching 14 inches!

Family: Cyprinidae

Origin: South east Asia

Size: up to 14 inches

pH: 6.5-7.5

tank requirements: a large 70 gallon tank is required, for the Bala shark, that gets very large.

Rarity: moderate, found at SOME chain pet stores

Difficulty: Moderate

**warning! Bala sharks can be delecate, and very difficult to care for, as juveniles.

Fish conflict: the Bala shark is a semi-aggressive fish, not because of its vicious nature, but because of its very, very large size. The Bala shark is compatable with many large fish, when they are older, and exceed 6 inches, but until the, should be kept with small, non-aggressive fish. The Bala shark should not have conflict with many fish, but some stronger fin nippers, can destroy their beautiful multicolor fins. All fish have different personalities, so watch the initial behavior, in order for the safety of all fish. As a juvenile, Bala sharks can be very small, and possibly, if kept with large fish, eaten.

all-in-all, the Bala shark is a very jubilant fish, with a variety of colors, and fins, beyond all else. The Bala shark will make a great appearance in a large tank. Enjoy!


balalalala\ Shark



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